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How to choose the most suitable fan lamp?
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1, look at security

No matter what product you buy, it's important to focus on safety. Safety and not shaking is the primary criterion for examining whether a fan light is qualified. If the fan light is shaking, there will be a hidden danger of falling, posing a threat to the safety of the family. A good fan light has multiple reinforcement functions in the detailed design: such as a safety wire rope to prevent the fan light from falling; there are also reinforcement screws, thicker hanging plates, hanger rings, etc., to ensure the smooth operation of the fan light.

2, look at the wind and wind speed

As a supplement to the air conditioner, the fan is mainly used to supply air to cool down. If the wind is too weak, it will always feel painless and almost meaningless; but if it is too strong, it will easily cause a headache.

Therefore, when choosing a fan lamp, whether the air is soft or not should be an important consideration. The larger the fan blade, the wider the blowing range, but the speed will be relatively slow, the wind will decrease, and the wind will be softer.

When purchasing, you can try to blow directly against the fan light under large and small winds, and feel the downwind for yourself. The softer the wind, the healthier it is and the closer to the natural wind. In addition, try to test the air supply range from a farther distance from the installed fan light. The farther and wider the air supply distance, the more practical it is.

Relatively speaking, for rooms with poor natural air flow or areas with hot weather, large-sized fan lights can be appropriately selected to achieve appropriate air volume. However, it also needs to be selected according to the room area. For details, please refer to the following figure:

 fan lights

 fan light

3. Look at the lighting

A good fan light should not only have excellent ventilation, but its lighting function is also critical. There are several criteria that can help to better judge whether the fan light lighting is passable.

In terms of light color, choose a fan light with dimming function. In this way, whether it is a dinner with friends, a family movie, or a home office, under the illumination of different light colors, it can create a full atmosphere. Especially if it is installed in the bedroom, try to choose a fan lamp with stepless dimming, which can freely control the color temperature and brightness of the light, and can better meet the needs of bedroom lighting.

In terms of lighting, it is recommended to choose lights with high color rendering. The so-called color rendering is the reduction index of the color of the object under the illumination of a lamp. If it is installed in the dining area, the food under the high color rendering light will look more oily and delicious, and the meal will be more fragrant!

At the same time, it is necessary to choose a light source product guaranteed by 3C certification. The logo is usually pasted on the surface of the product or pressed on the product by molding. If you look closely, you will find multiple oval "CCC" symbols, followed by a corresponding manufacturer and product. The random code can be coded by the National Quality Certification Center.

4, listen to the sound

Noise is the key to test the quality and balance of the fan light motor, and you can judge the quality of a fan light motor. When some fan lights are running, they will make a relatively obvious noise, which is very maddening. This is because the motor is like the heart of the fan light. If the heart is not good, the fan light will not have enough power to run, resulting in high friction and loud noise during operation.

Fan lights using AC motors are generally noisy and have high energy consumption, but the price is cheap; while the frequency conversion motor is relatively quiet and has low energy consumption, but the price is slightly higher.

The general fan light mute standard is about 35 decibels. The sound emitted by this decibel value will not affect normal work and rest. The noise test software downloaded in the mobile phone can be used for testing at the time of purchase. Generally, 35~50 decibels are acceptable. Of course, the smaller the noise, the better the performance of the product. Who doesn’t want to have a cool and quiet environment.

If you go to a physical store to buy, you will usually have a sample installed, let it drive with a high wind for a period of time (recommended for more than 20 minutes), listen to the sound, the smaller the sound, the better the quality.

5. See if there is a reverse function

Ordinary fans can only rotate forward to blow air, but a good fan light can not only rotate forward but also reverse, and can be used as an air circulation fan. When the fan light is reversed, people can't feel the wind, and it seems that there is no force, but the indoor air is already circulating.

In the perception of many people, the fan light can only be used in summer, but because of the reverse function design, the utilization rate of the fan light is greatly improved, and it can be used all year round.

Reverse air in spring, promote indoor and outdoor air circulation, make indoor air fresher;

In summer, it is used with air conditioners to accelerate the even distribution of air-conditioning in the room, and the corners of the room are also very cool;

In the rainy season, the indoor air humidity is high and the weather is sultry, and the fan lamp reverses the circulation for ventilation, which can not only dehumidify and dry, but also make the indoor dull air circulate quickly;

Promote uniform distribution of indoor heating in winter;

6. Look at the installation height

Before buying fan lights, pay attention to the storey height. The storey height generally needs to be 2.5 meters or higher, so that the fan blades are at least 2.1 meters away from the ground. However, it is recommended to consider the house with duplex structure according to the actual situation. Among them, it is recommended to use ceiling fan lights in the bedroom, the main reason is for safety reasons to avoid the danger of head cutting.

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