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How is the lighting performance of the fan light reflected?
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- Light quality

The important thing is to see if it has blue light and whether there will be stroboscopic. Flickering lights can easily cause eye fatigue and cause certain damage to the eyes. Some children's myopia has a certain relationship with stroboscopic. How to identify strobe? Turn on the camera function of the mobile phone and aim at the light. If the screen flickers, it means that the light is flickering.

In addition, we have to see if the light uses a lens light source. The illumination area of the lens light source is larger, and the use efficiency is higher. Of course, the price is correspondingly higher.

 fan light

 fan light

-Light color

For example, in the kitchen of the restaurant, the requirements for lighting are relatively simple, and it is good to choose a single-color lamp; in the living room, a single lamp is also fine, but multiple lights are better; in the bedroom, it is recommended to have a small night light design, so that you can get up at night to avoid glare.

- Lampshade material

A good fan lamp generally uses a lampshade made of PMMA acrylic material. This kind of lampshade has high light transmission, the light is soft and not dazzling, and it is not easy to yellow.

Style (style, color) is also a factor to consider.

The choice of style varies from person to person, some people like European style, some like Japanese style; some like black, some think pure white is king. There is no certainty about the style, just choose the temperament you like.

After sales

After sale, just look at whether the package installation and warranty. If there is a package installation, it is more convenient, otherwise you have to purchase additional installation services. In addition, it is recommended to choose a fan lamp with a warranty, generally a three-year warranty is almost the same.

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