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Maintenance tips for fan lights
Addtime: 2022-07-13

Fan lights are often used, I believe my friends will have a doubt. That is, does the fan light need daily maintenance just like the air conditioner? What will happen if the fan light is not maintained? It is necessary to clearly popularize the magic editor here. Although the fan light is good, it also has "three fears".

1. Fan lamp avoid oil fume

If the fan lamp is exposed to oil fume for a long time, the fuselage and fan blades are easily stained with oil fume, which increases the operating burden of the fan lamp. If the oil fume is not treated for a long time, the fan blades will be slowly corroded, which will cause the fan blades to break easily and greatly reduce the service life of the fan lamp.

2, fan lamp avoid dust

The long-term accumulation of dust on the fan light will not only greatly affect the service life of the fan light, but also affect the appearance of the fan light. If dust enters the inside of the fan light, it will cause the fan to make abnormal noise. If the fan light is not used for a long time, it is recommended to check and wipe the fan light before using the fan light again.

fan light

3. The fan lamp should not be exposed to the sun

Long-term exposure of the fan lamp to the sun will not only cause the fan blades to age and burst, but also the long-term high temperature of the fan lamp body will also cause the machine to age, seriously affecting the service life of the fan lamp.

Fan lights also need maintenance and maintenance. I believe that when you see this, some friends want to ask: how to maintain the fan lights? Don't worry, fan light maintenance is so easy!

ceiling fan light

routine maintenance

Turn off the power of the fan light (keep the fan light off during the cleaning process), use edible white vinegar to clean, mix about 10 ml of white vinegar with 50 times the amount of water.

Soak the rag in white vinegar water, take out the rag and wring it dry, wipe the surface of the ceiling fan light. The lamps cleaned in this way are very smooth and clean, and there is no static electricity, and it is not easy to get dust again.

If you want to make it easier, you can use a special cleaner to clean. After spraying the cleaner on the surface of the ceiling fan light, wait for 1 minute, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

Pay attention to the daily maintenance of ceiling fan lights. Maintaining its good performance and avoiding the deformation and vibration of the fan blades is beneficial to energy saving to a certain extent.

This is a very important point. Like other electrical machines, fan lights require daily operation. The lamp should be turned on for 2 to 3 hours a day, because there is moisture in the air, and the moisture in the patch can be completely evaporated after a certain period of time, extending the service life of the lamp.

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