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What are the ways to use the fan light?
Addtime: 2022-08-09

1. In fact, the fan and the light are controlled separately, each with a zipper, the middle zipper is for controlling the light, and the side zipper is for adjusting the fan gear. , and so on. The zippers are long enough. The zippers attached to the ceiling fan are all 50cm long, so don't worry.

Fan lamp manufacturers

Fan lamp manufacturers

2. There is a push switch on the lamp holder. Push the handle to the bottom. The fan rotates forward, that is, the wind blows downward. It is used in summer. When it is pushed to the top, it is reversed and the wind blows upward. It is suitable for use when the indoor air is stuffy in cool weather. There are three gears for forward rotation and reverse rotation: high, medium and low.

3. The same is true for those with remote control and wall control. The fans and lights are controlled separately. For example, if the ceiling fan itself has a pull switch, after installing the remote control, pull the zipper to the high-speed gear and then use the remote control to adjust the speed, which will be better.

What are the problems related to the use of fan lights that we have introduced to you above, we should have some understanding of this problem. The use of fan lights is actually quite effective. So if we want to buy a fan lamp, we also need to understand some of its usage methods, and the effect will be better.

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