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Is it practical to use fan lights in the restaurant of the new house?
Addtime: 2022-08-09

1. The fan lamp is very comfortable to use, especially when the temperature of the head of the person rises during the meal. At this time, the air circulates a little, which is naturally more comfortable. Even if there is an air conditioner, it cannot be replaced. It is recommended to install the air conditioner and the fan lamp together;

2. The energy saving effect is obvious. It can reduce the use of refrigeration and air conditioners when alternating between cold and heat. It can be used in conjunction with refrigeration and air conditioners to increase the temperature set point to reduce the number of starts of the air conditioner compressor. In winter, it can be switched to reverse mode to make the warm air above circulate downwards to reduce energy consumption. consumption.

3. Mature technology, safe and reliable. Among the 6 fan lights I used, there were 2 problems, including one time when the pull cord was accidentally broken and the pull cord switch was replaced, and one time the fan wind was significantly weakened and the capacitor was replaced, all of which were accessories for a few dollars online, other than that There is no problem.

Fan lamp manufacturers

Fan lamp manufacturers

4. Compared with floor fans, it saves space. I also use fan lights in my bedroom, just because I don’t want to buy a floor fan to occupy the space. The floor fan occupies an area of 0.25 square meters, which is also the price of over 10,000 in big cities.

5. Cheap and easy to install. Most of the fan lights are only a few hundred yuan, and the lighting circuit can be reserved (pull cord and remote control, if you need a wall control, you need 2 live wires).

6. Beautiful. This is not a reason, it is just my subjective opinion. There are many choices of fan lights now. It is no problem to match an American loft, Nordic muji, European palace style...

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